Title: Centrifugal modeling of underground polymer pipes under temperature effect // Magazine of Civil Engineering. – 2020. – № 6 (98). — С. 9801
Creators: Sagdiev Kh. S.; Teshabayev Z. R.; Galiaskarov V. A.; Yuvmitov A. S.
Imprint: 2020
Collection: Общая коллекция
Subjects: Транспорт; Трубопроводный транспорт; pipes (construction); underground pipes; polymer pipes; temperature effects; structural modeling; strain gauges; ground impacts; трубы (строительство); подземные трубы; полимерные трубы; температурные воздействия; структурное моделирование; тензометрические датчики; грунтовые воздействия
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DOI: 10.18720/MCE.98.1
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Experimental study of underground polymer pipes under temperature effect is developed in this paper by the method of centrifugal modeling to study the process of polymer pipes elongation depending on the depth of laying and physical and mechanical properties of soil. The method is based on the use of centrifugal installation with PC and software. The experiments were carried out in a centrifuge with an effective radius of centrifuge rotation at a working scale of modeling n = 40. Experimental studies were carried out at various laying depths of the underground polymer pipes. In the process of conducting experiments, the polymer pipe model was subjected to various temperature influences. The temperature effect on the polymer pipe model was created using an electric spiral. As a result, it is established that the process of polymer pipes elongation over time under soil pressure and temperature factor has a non-linear character; the value of the absolute strain depending on the laying depth and the temperature factor may differ by several times.

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Table of Contents

  • Centrifugal modeling of underground polymer pipes under temperature effect
    • 1. Introduction
    • 2. Methods
      • 2.1. The methods to conduct experimental studies
      • 2.2. Experimental studies
    • 3. Results and Discussion
    • 4. Conclusion

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