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Название: Linguo-combinatorial simulation of Universe // XXV General Assembly of International Astronomical Union, July 13-26, 2003, Sydney, Australia
Авторы: Ignatyev M.B.; Pinigin G.
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Тематика: Вселенная; combinatorial simulation; uncertainty; appearance; essence; general system theory; physics; astronomy; biology; psychology; telemedicine; education
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This paper discusses utilization of linguo-combinatorial simulation approach for Universe modeling.When dealing with complex systems one has to consider that conditions and environment are not fullydetermined. In the course of this paper it is discussed how a poorly formalized system can beefficiently represented and modeled by linguo-combinatorial simulation. Lot of years agoAnaximandros put forward the hypothesis of apeiron, which penetrates everything. In this paper We tryto show, that everything consists of appearances, essences and structured uncertainty, which penetrateseverything how apeiron.Today there are many different scientific organizations, but the knowledge is fragmentary and there is abig problem for applying knowledge in practice . We propose a creation of the global computer modelof human knowledge for informational unification of different contemporary knowledge. We areconsidering the combinatorial model of everything, where the main variables are the main systems ofUniverse, and its application in different systems by means of computer network, special data basesand special decision making support system. The global model will allow us to investigate the differentproblems (for example - organism of particular patient) in any point of our planet as an integral systemby means of geographically distributed specialists and integrated knowledge.

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