Title: Mastering elastic stack
Creators: Gupta Yuvraj; Gupta Ravi Kumar
Imprint: Birmingham, UK: Packt Publishing, 2017
Collection: Электронные книги зарубежных издательств; Общая коллекция
Subjects: Базы данных; Вычислительные системы — Математическое обеспечение
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About This BookYour one-stop solution to perform advanced analytics with Elasticsearch, Logstash, and KibanaLearn how to make better sense of your data by searching, analyzing, and logging data in a systematic wayThis highly practical guide takes you through an advanced implementation on the ELK stack in your enterprise environmentWho This Book Is ForThis book cater to developers using the Elastic stack in their day-to-day work who are familiar with the basics of Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana, and now want to become an expert at using the Elastic stack for data analytics.What You Will LearnBuild a pipeline with help of Logstash and Beats to visualize Elasticsearch data in KibanaUse Beats to ship any type of data to the Elastic StackUnderstand Elasticsearch APIs, modules, and other advanced conceptsExplore Logstash and its pluginsDiscover how to utilize the new Kibana UI for advanced analyticsCustomize the Elastic Stack and plugin development for each of the componentWork with the Elastic Stack in a production environmentCustomize and utilize Elastic Stack for real-world use case of Meetups.Explore the various components of X-Pack in detailIn DetailEven structured data is useless if it can't help you to take strategic decisions and improve existing system. If you love to play with data, or your job requires you to process custom log formats, design a scalable analysis system, and manage logs to do real-time data analysis, this book is your one-stop solution. By combining the massively popular Elasticsearch, Logstash, Beats and Kibana, ELK Stack has advanced to Elastic Stack that delivers actionable insights in near real time from almost any type of structured or unstructured data.This book brushes up your basic knowledge of implementing the Elastic Stack and then dives deeper into complex and advanced scenarios. We'll help you with data analytics challenges and take you through practical scenario of an intranet portal to understand utilization of Elastic Stack components. You will be able to grasp advanced techniques for log analysis and visualization. Newly announced features such as Beats and X-Pack are also covered in detail with examples. Toward the end, you will see how to use the Elastic stack for real-world case study of Meetups and we'll show you some best practices and troubleshooting techniques for the Elastic Stack.

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