Title: Advances in laser materials processing: technology, research and applications. — 2nd ed.
Other creators: Lawrence Jonathan
Imprint: Duxford, UK: Woodhead Publishing, 2018
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Subjects: Генераторы квантовые — Применение; Лазерная обработка
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Advances in Laser Materials Processing: Technology, Research and Application, Second Edition, provides a revised, updated and expanded overview of the area, covering fundamental theory, technology and methods, traditional and emerging applications and potential future directions. The book begins with an overview of the technology and challenges to applying the technology in manufacturing. Parts Two thru Seven focus on essential techniques and process, including cutting, welding, annealing, hardening and peening, surface treatments, coating and materials deposition. The final part of the book considers the mathematical modeling and control of laser processes. Throughout, chapters review the scientific theory underpinning applications, offer full appraisals of the processes described and review potential future trends.A comprehensive practitioner guide and reference work explaining state-of-the-art laser processing technologies in manufacturing and other disciplinesExplores challenges, potential, and future directions through the continuous development of new, application-specific lasers in materials processingProvides revised, expanded and updated coverage.

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