Title: RADIO-robots in assisted living : unobtrusive, efficient, reliable and modular solutions for independent ageing
Other creators: Karkaletsis Vangelis; Konstantopoulos Stasinos; Voros Nikolaos S.; Annicchiarico Roberta; Dagioglou Maria; Antonopoulos Christos P.
Imprint: Cham, Switzerland: Springer, 2018
Collection: Электронные книги зарубежных издательств; Общая коллекция
Subjects: Робототехнические системы; robotic systems; социальные роботы; social robots
UDC: 621.865.8
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File type: Other
Language: English
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This book describes a unique approach to bring robotic technology into elders'daily lives. Low cost components and low cost robotic assistants are effectively combined to offer high quality services to elders and people in need. The book presents in a comprehensive way how technology can be used for developing a new healthcare paradigm where high quality services are offered at home, thus reducing the ever-increasing hospitalization cost of the elders and the people with chronic diseases.

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