Title: The innovator's hypothesis: how cheap experiments are worth more than good ideas
Creators: Schrage Michael
Organization: IEEE Xplore (Online Service); MIT Press
Imprint: Cambridge, Massachusetts London, England: MIT Press, 2014
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Subjects: технологические инновации; творческие способности; предпринимательство
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In this book Michael Schrage advocates a cultural and strategic shift: small teams, collaboratively--and competitively--crafting business experiments that make top management sit up and take notice. Creativity within constraints--clear deadlines and clear deliverables--is what serious innovation cultures do. He introduces the 5X5 framework: giving diverse teams of five people up to five days to come up with portfolios of five business experiments costing no more than $5,000 each and taking no longer than five weeks to run. The book describes multiple portfolios of 5X5 experiments drawn from Schrage's advisory work and innovation workshops worldwide.

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