Title: The industrial practice of chemical process engineering
Creators: Bodman Samuel W.
Organization: IEEE Xplore (Online Service),; MIT Press,
Imprint: Cambridge London: MIT Press, 1968
Collection: Электронные книги зарубежных издательств; MIT Press eBooks Library; Общая коллекция
Subjects: Chemical engineering.
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This volume of case studies serves as a guide and reference manual for the application of engineering science fundamentals in the solution of chemical development and process design problems. The introductory chapter describes a set of general principles relevant to the analysis of industrial design problems. An extensive bibliography is presented which provides a valuable theoretical and practical basis for proper understanding of the case studies.The six case studies present an opportunity for the detailed application of the broad principles outlined in the introduction. These cases vary widely both in regard to the engineering operations analyzed and with respect to the complexity and detail of the required solution. Three of the analyses result in computer programs which may be utilized for a more comprehensive design evaluation and for student discussion in a "computerized classroom."Each case represents a useful approach to a general class of design studies, and each has been reviewed by an industrial or academic expert familiar with current commercial practice. Therefore, even though the reproduction of specific industrial designs has not been attempted, each solution has been compared and contrasted with the realities of modern industrial operations.Various approaches to the financial evaluation of a chemical project are described. These are presented in some detail since material of this type is frequently absent from academic curricula.

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