Sofronijevic, Adam. Evaluating the progress towards a more semantic web and the database use at University library Belgrade [Электронный ресурс]: [доклад на конференции "Корпоративные информационно-библиотечные системы: технологии и инновации" (11; 2013; Санкт-Петербург)] / A. Sofronijevic. — Электрон. текстовые дан. (1 файл : 70 Кб). — Санкт-Петербург, 2013. — Доклад опубликован на электрон.-опт. диске с материалами конференции (локальный шифр CD-670). — Свободный доступ из сети Интернет (чтение, печать, копирование). — Текстовый документ. — Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0. — <URL:>.

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The paper deals with two important issues of contemporary librarianship: evaluation of database use and creation of linked data. Evaluation of database use is presented in the broader context of the library management that seeks ways to provide for the rational distribution of limited resources. Experiences and results from University library Belgrade and other Serbian libraries are presented. Importance of linked data is presented along with basic concepts important for understanding semantic web creation. Advanced nano-publication concept is explained along with the everyday practice of metadata creation at University library Belgrade. Paper advocates implementation of various possibilities that linked data concept provides for libraries in general.

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