Title: Physics. A General Course: textbook
Creators: Mustafaev A. S.; Filyasova Yu. A.
Imprint: St. Petersburg: Saint-Petersburg Polytechnical University, 2017
Collection: Учебная и учебно-методическая литература; Общая коллекция
Subjects: Физика
UDC: 53(075.8)
Document type: Tutorial
File type: PDF
Language: English
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The textbook is written in accordance with the syllabus in physics for higher educational institutions and is intended for self-study of the course «Physics. A General Course». The book contains explanations of fundamental concepts and descriptions of laws of dynamics, universal gravitation, hydrostatics and hydrodynamics, the theory of relativity, among others. The material represented presumes knowledge of modem mathematical tools; an emphasis is put on the physical nature of phenomena. There are test questions and special tasks at the end of each section for self-control and the monitoring of academic progress in theoretical and practical aspects of the course. The present textbook is the first edition in the English language and is written in conformity with the Saint - Petersburg Mining University Development Program for the period until the year 2018. The authors’ attention is focused on achieving priority goals in the university international activities such as the monitoring of global educational trends, best foreign practices analysis, learning resources development and internationalization in accordance with the global trends in teaching foreign students and postgraduates, and creation of a multilingual academic environment for productive international collaboration. The textbook meets the requirements specified for bachelor’s and master’s degree students of technical universities.

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