Title: International confrontation of the USA in the Arctic region // Арктика: история и современность: труды ежегодной международной научной конференции, Санкт-Петербург, 18-19 апреля 2018 года
Creators: Travkina Ekaterina; Fedorov Alexander
Organization: The Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia
Imprint: Санкт-Петербург: ПОЛИТЕХ-ПРЕСС, 2019
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DOI: 10.18720/SPBPU/2/id19-115
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The history of the development of the Arctic is a process of joint efforts of northern countries. Each country contributed to the research. The Arctic is a region with harsh climatic conditions, where a person feels defeated by nature. Today, the Arctic is rich in energy resources and its development is not as difficult as it used before. The international community is waiting for a decisive action. States are fighting to dominate in the Arctic region. The countries that do not belong to northern region have already entered the race, more than eight participants. Today, China has its own national interests in the Arctic. America is the leader on the world stage, and it intends to defend its military presence in this region. Military strategy and confrontation are the main instruments of US policy. Russia is the main rival of the USA in the Arctic territory. All other participants can be neutralized by NATO pressure. The USA has a small part of the territories in the Arctic, but the US has a lot of ambitions in this region. America cannot take a passive approach being the leader on the world stage and its status must be kept in check in the Arctic territories. The US policy in the Arctic is not certain, but due to the strengthening of Russia's influence in the Arctic macroregion, the United States has to react, and react only aggressively. The history of the Arctic braces back the purchase of Alaska. The US needs new energy resources; the Americans understand that the war for their possession has begun.

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