Title: The gold-bearing quartz sands in the arctic region of Yamal-nenets autonomous district // Арктика: история и современность: труды ежегодной международной научной конференции, Санкт-Петербург, 18-19 апреля 2018 года
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Many of the areas in which gold occurs or may occur In Russia, almost not affected by the study completely and this, in a particular case, will be reflected in this article. Unfortunately, in recent years many programs of perspective study of territories, searches and investigation of firm minerals have been curtailed. Perhaps the prospects of development of raw materials base of the polar Urals is associated with rossypnye sites (districts), Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district , which are located in the lowland continuation of the(up to 200-300km)of the Eastern slope of the Urals. It is dominated by shallow alluvial placers in the valleys of the lower order(Nadymsky, Purovsky, Tazovskaya lowland). According to the selected representative samples in the area of prospecting, as a result of mineralogical analysis by experts TsNIGRI made the following conclusions: 1. Gold in the samples is typical of the upper Pleistocene alluvial deposits of the platform. 2. Gold is easily extracted with the help of modern enrichment devices. 3. All samples contain signs of fine (0.5-0.25 mm) and fine gold (0.05-0.1 mm) and further prospecting is necessary to determine the possible industrial value. The obtained, as a result of testing quartz Sands, the gold content is low, and the found gold refers to small and thin, but with a huge mass represented by quartz Sands, sometimes lying for tens of square kilometers, according to approximate calculations, give absolutely significant reserves, reaching many hundreds of tons. The author proposes, for the purpose of determining the gold mineralization of quartz sand and underlying permafrost soils, carrying out of search works with a short drilling, with the obligatory selection of core river valleys area of study. With the obvious gold mineralization of the bedrock, located on the Eastern slope of the Urals, the actual study of placer gold within the specified areas to which, there is reason to assume dedicated Stalinist railway (construction №501-503).

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