Title: Developing Arctic technical means of material support // Арктика: история и современность: труды ежегодной международной научной конференции, Санкт-Петербург, 18-19 апреля 2018 года
Creators: Sharonov Alexander; Sharonov Evgeny
Organization: Institute of Military Academy of logistics; The Headquarters of MTO
Imprint: Санкт-Петербург: ПОЛИТЕХ-ПРЕСС, 2019
Collection: Общая коллекция
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Language: English
DOI: 10.18720/SPBPU/2/id19-133
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The Arctic region has traditionally been and remains in the sphere of special interests of the Russian Federation. Almost all aspects of national security are concentrated here: military-political, economic, technological, environmental and resource. In modern geopolitical conditions, as well as the active development of polar resources, the expansion of navigation along the Northern sea route and territorial disputes, the Arctic acquires a special status. The main goal of the state policy of the Russian Federation in the Arctic in the field of military security, protection and protection of the state border of the Russian Federation is to provide favorable conditions for the tasks of the personnel of the military units of the Russian armed forces. Based on the previous research, tactical and technical requirements and pilot tests, the article presents new Arctic technical means for material support of military personnel performing tasks in the Arctic: kitchen, bakery, tank, fuel tanker. As the base chassis used upgraded two-link crawler conveyor floating DT-30PM with an Autonomous power supply system (diesel power up to 100 kW) means of communication and navigation, as well as heating system thermally insulated compartments, as well as technological and other equipment. When designing these technical means were used advanced technologies and modern equipment, allowing to organize food, baking, transport and storage of drinking water, combustive-lubricating materials in the extremely low temperatures – to minus 600C. Body power and process blocks are executed separately from the basic chassis (to enable transportation of products by all modes of transport) and have a removable roof (to allow Assembly and disassembly of the interior equipment). When designing products, the principle of modularity and unification was used, components and materials were used. The products are maximally unified among themselves in the part of: the base chassis; the bodies of the power and process units; an Autonomous power supply system, heating and lighting; automatic fire extinguishing systems. Technical means allow to carry out all tasks on material support of the military personnel in the Arctic conditions.

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