Title: Materials Physics and Mechanics Vol. 32, № 2. – 2017.
Organization: Санкт-Петербургский политехнический университет Петра Великого; Российская академия наук
Imprint: Санкт-Петербург: [Изд-во Политехн. ун-та], 2017
Collection: Общая коллекция
Document type: Journal, newspaper
File type: PDF
Language: Russian; English
DOI: 10.18720/SPBPU/2/j18-126
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Table of Contents

  • 4_ MPM 32 (2) Rajneesh Kumar, V. R. Manthena, N. K. Lamba, G. D. Kedar.pdf
    • Making use of the values of ,𝐹.,𝜉,𝑧. and ,𝑓.(𝜉) from (34) and (35) in (25)-(30), one can obtain the displacement components, stress components, conductive temperature and temperature change for thermomechanical sources.
    • (2) If ,𝜏-𝑞.=,𝜏-𝑡.=0 we obtain the corresponding expressions for thermoelasticity with two temperatures model .
    • (3) If ,𝜏-𝑞.=0 then the corresponding expressions for dual phase lag thermal model (DPLT) model reduce to single-phase-lag thermal model (SPLT) with two temperatures.
  • 7_MPM 32 (2) Yu.I. Mescheryakov, N.I. Zhigacheva, A.K. Divakov, Yu.A. Petrov.pdf
    • Institute of Problems of Mechanical Engineering, Bolshoi 61, V.O., Saint Petersburg, 199178, Russia
      • References
    • C: 0.36 Mn: 0.34 P: 0.022 S: 0.009 Cr: 1.29 Ni: 3.19
  • 9_ MPM 32(2) A.V. Kremleva, D.A. Kirilenko, V.I. Nikolaev et al..pdf
    • A.V. Kremleva1,2*, D.A. Kirilenko1,2, V.I. Nikolaev1,2,4, A.I. Pechnikov1,4,
  • 12_MPM 32 (2) Sosnin.pdf
    • [11] Y. Gao, P. Jiang, L. Song, L. Liu, X. Yan, Zh. Zhou, D. Liu, J. Wang, H. Yuan, Z. Zhang, X. Zhao, X. Dou, W. Zhou, G. Wang, S. Xie // Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 38(7) (2005) 1061.
  • 14_MPM 32 (2) Lapin, Kuzkin.pdf
    • 1. Introduction
    • 2. Calculation of effective elastic properties of cracked materials
    • 3. The displacement discontinuity method (DDM)
    • 4. Test problem: opening of a single crack
    • 5. Calculation of anisotropic effective elastic properties
    • 6. Conclusions
    • Acknowledgement. This research was financed by Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation within the framework of the Federal Program "Research and development in priority areas for the development of the scientific and technological ...
    • References

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