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Название: Materials Physics and Mechanics.
Организация: Санкт-Петербургский политехнический университет Петра Великого; Российская академия наук
Выходные сведения: Санкт-Петербург: [Изд-во Политехн. ун-та], 2019
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DOI: 10.18720/SPBPU/2/j18-182
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  • 4 Bandi Venkata Ramana Reddy, S.R. Maity, K.M. Pandey.pdf
    • 3. Results and discussion
    • Microstructural Analysis. Microstructural pictographs of LM25 alloy before and after warm rolling were observed for comparing the microstructural features as shown in Fig. 3. From Fig. 3a. it has found that after spray forming and before warm rolling,...
    • Hardness. The Vickers hardness value of LM25 alloy was calculated before and after warm rolling. Before rolling, i.e., 0% thickness reduction, the samples had hardness values in the range of 50-90 VHN as represented in Fig. 5. After warm rolling, the ...
    • 4. Conclusions
    • References
  • 6 Boris Vasilyev, Alexander Selivanov.pdf
    • 1. Introduction
    • 2. Methods
      • Experimental Studies. In order to study the effect of CO on the characteristics of a SCNBS, a series of tests was carried out at various temperatures for a Russian alloy: tensile test under conditions of short-term and long-term loading. Additionally,...
      • Plasticity and Creep Models and Their Program Implementation. SX are characterized by a cubic symmetry of properties, i.e. the crystallographic lattice has three mutually orthogonal planes of symmetry (Fig. 3). One can distinguish three mutually perpe...
      • Single Crystal blade calculation. The calculations of SSS and static strength on the design mode of the HPT SX model blade with and without anisotropy were carried out for the comparison of strength characteristics. All strength calculations were carr...
    • 3. Results
      • Experimental Studies. Torsion and tension experiments of smooth cylindrical specimens of various COs ([001], [011], [111], [012]) were carried out. The deformation curves are presented in Figs. 10, 11. There is a strong anisotropy of the properties of...
      • Finite Element Analyses of Turbine Blade. Figures 16, 17 show distribution on the isotropic blade von Mises stress and the local safety factor. "Dangerous" zones with low values of safety factor values are marked by numbers 1,2. First zone is the zone...
    • 4. Discussion
    • 5. Conclusions
      • Acknowledgements. Authors wishing to acknowledge assistance of colleagues that helped with experimental investigation: Mikhail Volkov, Alexander Demidov and Elena Bredikhina.
    • References
  • 7 A.B.D. Nandiyanto, F. Triawan et al..pdf
    • Specimen. This study used WO3 microparticles as a specimen, which were produced using the similar method reported in literature [1,2,13]. In short, the particles were prepared by heating 2 grams of ammonium tungstate pentahydrate (ATP; >99%; Kanto Che...
  • 9 V.L. Leontiev, I.V. Efremenkov.pdf
    • 2. The finite element connected with OFFs
    • The novel FE, which is similar to the FE Plane142 of ANSYS, is being constructed. The local stiffness matrix, the vector of body forces and loads on a boundary are created for the quadrangular FE. The nodes of the base FE are assumed to have the follo...
    • follow from (2) and for the given values of parameters are orthogonal on non-uniform grids.
    • The shape functions for the novel bilinear quadrangular FE are the tensor products of single-argument OFFs
    • ,,𝑁-𝑖.=𝜑-𝑖.,𝜉.,𝜑-𝑖.,𝜂., 𝑖=,1,4. ; (7)
    • and are defined in local coordinates by Table 1.
    • Table 1. OFFs for the shape functions (7)
    • References
    • [1] Strang G, Fix GJ. An Analysis of the Finite Element Method. New Jersey: Prentige-Hall Inc.; 1973.
    • [2] Daubechies I. Orthonormal bases of compactly supported wavelets. Comm. Pure and Appl. Math. 1988;41(7): 909-996.
    • [3] Leontiev VL. Ortogonalnie finitnie funksii i chislenie metodi [Orthogonal Finite Functions and Numerical Methods]. Ulyanovsk: UlSU; 2003. (In Russian)
    • [4] Ciarlet P. The Finite Element Method for Elliptic Problems. Amsterdam: North-Holland Publ. Comp.; 1978.
    • [5] Rozin LA. Metod konechnyh elementov v primenenii k uprugim sistemam [FEM in Application to Elastic Systems]. Moscow: Stroyizdat Publ.; 1977. (In Russian)
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    • [10] Zienkiewicz OC. The finite element method in engineering science. London: McGraw-Hill; 1971.

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