Title: Stress-strain state of fiber cement cladding within curtain wall system // Magazine of Civil Engineering. – 2020. – № 5 (97). — С. 9709
Creators: Egorov D.; Galyamichev A.; Gerasimova E.; Serdjuks D.
Imprint: 2020
Collection: Общая коллекция
Subjects: Строительство; Строительная механика; curtain walls; curtain wall systems; fiber cement cladding; stress-strain state of lining; fiber cement boards; load-bearing capacity of slabs; stiffness of fiber cement slabs; навесные стены; системы навесных стен; фиброцементная облицовка; напряженно-деформированное состояние облицовки; фиброцементные плиты; несущая способность плит; жесткость фиброцементных плит
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DOI: 10.18720/MCE.97.9
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This article presents the experimental methodology and results of laboratory tests and numerical modeling in order to determine the values of bearing capacity and stiffness of fiber cement board (FCB) within a frame of curtain wall system. The performance of a panel as a part of a system is taken into account for evaluation of the stress-strain state of a cladding. An analysis included 2 stages: an experimental study of a full-size fragment of a curtain wall system with fiber cement cladding and its numerical simulation by means of finite element method (FEM). The dependences of the deflection of the panel on a value of uniformly distributed load were obtained, and the experimental results converged with numerical calculation. The maximum values of the uniformly distributed (simulating wind impact) loads acting on the panel under which the panel satisfies the requirements stated by Ultimate and Serviceability Limit States were calculated also. It can be concluded that onset of Ultimate Limit State is characterized by appearance of cracks due to the stresses in the panel exceeding the value of flexural strength in the area of fastening to curtain wall frame. The results demonstrated that the stress-strain state of the cladding depends on the structural scheme of the supporting frame of the curtain wall system and its rigidity, therefore it is recommended to perform tests on the cladding in conjunction with the supporting frame.

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Table of Contents

  • Stress-strain state of fiber cement cladding within curtain wall system
    • 1. Introduction
    • 2. Materials and Methods
      • 2.1. Experimental study of FCBs within curtain wall system
      • 2.2. Numerical modeling of FCBs within curtain wall system
    • 3. Results and Discussion
      • 3.1. Results of experimental study of FCBs within curtain wall system
      • 3.2. Results of numerical modeling of FCBs within curtain wall system
      • 3.3. Verification of the cladding in terms of ULS
      • 3.4. Verification of the cladding in terms of SLS
      • 3.5. Analysis and Discussion
    • 4. Conclusions
    • 5. Acknowledgement

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