Title: The Impact of DOPO and TPP Flame Retardants on Flame Spread over the Surface of Cast PMMA Slabs // Proceedings of the Ninth International Seminar on Fire and Explosion Hazards. Vol. 2: 21-26 April 2019, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Creators: Trubachev S.; Korobeinichev O.; Gonchikzhapov M.; Paletsky A.; Shmakov A.; Tereshchenko A.; Karpov A.; Hu Y.; Wang X.; Hu W.
Organization: Institute of Chemical Kinetics and Combustion; Novosibirsk State University; UdmFRC; University of Science and Technology of China
Imprint: Saint Petersburg, 2019
Collection: Общая коллекция
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Language: English
DOI: 10.18720/SPBPU/2/k19-38
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The effect of flame retardants DOPO and TPP on combustion of PMMA and on its thermal decomposition has been investigated. It was suggested that the presence of an oxidizer in the pyrolysis zone affects the flame propagation rate in the case of PMMA-TPP and has no effect in the case of PMMA-DOPO. With the addition of TPP and DOPO a reduction of the total heat flux from the flame to the surface was detected. Before the flame front, diffusion of the oxidant takes place in the longitudinal direction to the flame zone. local increase of the heat flux near the flame front in the case of PMMA-TPP was found, as opposed to in PMMA without additives. From the data of the species concentrations in the flame zone of a PMMA-TPP slab, the presence of oxygen at the flame front (up to 10%) was detected. PMMA-TPP decomposes more rapidly than PMMA and PMMA-DOPO in the oxidizing medium. Farther from the flame front, where there is no oxygen, addition of TPP does not affect the decomposition rate of PMMA in an inert medium. The DOPO additive, in turn, affects the kinetics of thermal decomposition and reduces the heat flux from the flame. An oxidant does not affect PMMA-DOPO decomposition. Thus, it was concluded that the presence of oxygen near the pyrolysis surface affects the flame propagation velocity in the case of PMMA-TPP and has no effect in the case of PMMA-DOPO.

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