Title: Effect of Oxygen Environment on Soot Characteristics in Ethylene Laminar Diffusion Flames // Proceedings of the Ninth International Seminar on Fire and Explosion Hazards: 21-26 April 2019, Saint Petersburg, Russia. Vol. 1
Creators: Zeng D.; Xiong G.; Wang Y.
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Imprint: Saint Petersburg, 2019
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DOI: 10.18720/SPBPU/2/k19-47
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Radiative characteristics and soot distribution of laminar diffusion flame of ethylene is studied experimentally over a wide range of oxygen index (OI) (from 13.3% to 20.9%) and fuel flow rates. The flame is established on a circular burner surrounded by the coflows of various oxygen concentrations. The effect of OI on flame at smoke-point is investigated. When the OI decreases, the smoke-point flame flow rate reduces but the flame length first increases then decreases. The radiant profile along the flame height shows the radiant power shifts to a larger height with increased OI, and the flame radiant fraction reduces. Furthermore, it is found that the radiant fraction of laminar diffusion flame linearly correlates with those of buoyant turbulent flames at the same adiabatic flame temperature. The soot volume fraction of flames of different flow rates under several oxygen concentrations is measured using the laser-induced incandescence (LII) technique. The soot volume fraction distribution shows that the lower OI condition has a smaller soot formation rate. Moreover, as OI reduces, the position for maximum soot volume fraction shifts towards the centerline region at a larger flame height. Compared to the laminar diffusion flames with fuel diluted with nitrogen, the flame with oxidizer diluted has a lower activation energy of 127 kJ/mol of the soot formation reaction.

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