Title: Modelling of Vented Explosion of Hydrogen-Air Mixtures // Proceedings of the Ninth International Seminar on Fire and Explosion Hazards. Vol. 1: 21-26 April 2019, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Creators: Sinha A.; Wen J.
Organization: University of Warwick
Imprint: Saint Petersburg, 2019
Collection: Общая коллекция
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Language: English
DOI: 10.18720/SPBPU/2/k19-80
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The authors developed a new mathematical model for predicting overpressure in accidental explosions of hydrogen in previous studies (Sinha et al. [1, 2]). The model produced reasonably accurate predictions. However, it appeared to be too complicated for use in vent panel design. In the present study, the model has been simplified and reduced to a single equation with only four parameters. Two of these parameters are determined only from fuel properties and can be pre-tabulated. Hence, only two parameters based on geometry need to be calculated. These two geometric parameters have inputs related to enclosure dimensions, and are much easy to compute. Only one geometric parameter also includes the flame surface area and some effort is required to estimate it. The flame area computation is also reduced by taking simplifying assumptions for the flame shape. The major advantage of this model is that there are no adjustable parameters or tunable constants and the same equation is to be used for all conditions and geometries. This makes the model simple to use and unambiguous. Same model is also used for other fuels by considering their physical properties. The model results are compared with experimentally measured overpressures and a reasonable match is found.

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