Title: Novokuznetsk city heat supply system's concept development: master's thesis: 13.04.01
Creators: Makoev Sultan Olegovich
Scientific adviser: Aleshina A. S.
Organization: Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University
Imprint: Saint-Petersburg, 2017
Collection: Выпускные квалификационные работы; Общая коллекция
Subjects: Тепловая энергия; heat supply; system's concept development
UDC: 621.311.031(043.3)
Document type: Master graduation qualification work
File type: PDF
Language: English
Speciality code (FGOS): 13.04.01
Speciality group (FGOS): 130000 - Электро- и теплоэнергетика
DOI: 10.18720/SPBPU/2/v17-5994
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Within administrative boundaries of "Novokuznetsk urban district" municipal formation 8 heat supply and heating network organizations produce, distribute and transfer thermal energy. Heat supply organization is an organization, selling to consumers and (or) other organizations heat energy produced or acquired by the heat carrier, and owns on the right of ownership or other legal basis, heat energy sources and (or) heat networks in the heat supply system, through which heat is supplied to thermal energy consumers. Heat network organization is an organization that provides services of thermal energy transfer. In Novokuznetsk central heating from CHP and large district boiler stations is prevailing. Boiler stations basically, provide heat to their districts. CHP provides about 79% of the total load of city consumers, boiler stations about 21%, incl. large boiler stations with a heat output of more than 100 Gcal / h - 16%. Altogether 94 boiler stations operate in the city, 31 are municipal with a total capacity of 462 Gcal / h, departmental 63 with a capacity of 464 Gcal /h.

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