Title: Global computer model of organism for decision making support in telemedicine
Creators: Ignatyev M.B.; Makina D.M.; Petrischev N.N.; Poliakov I.V.; Ulrich E.V.; Gubin A.V.
Imprint: St.-Petersburg, 2004
Collection: Общая коллекция
Subjects: Комбинаторика (мат. ); combinatorial simulation; general system theory; biology; telemedicine; education
UDC: 57:51; 61:51; 519.1-7; 004.7
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Today there are many different medical organizations, but the medical knowledge is fragmentational and there is a big problem for applying medical knowledge in practical medicine. We propose a creation of the global computer model of human organism for informational unification of different contemporary medical knowledge. We are considering the combinatorial model of organism, where the main variables are the main systems of organism, and its application in telemedicine by means of computer network, special data bases and special decision making support system. The global model will allow us to investigate the organism of particular patient in any point of our planet as an integral system by means of geographically distributed specialists and integrated medical knowledge.

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