Title: Sign languages and deaf communities ;. The Social Condition of Deaf People: The Story of a Woman and a Hearing Society. — Volume 16.
Other creators: Trovato Sara; Folchi Anna
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Subjects: Deaf — Social conditions.; Sign language — Cross-cultural studies.; EBSCO eBooks
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Table of Contents

  • Contents
  • A duet as an introduction
  • 1a Hearing people. A larger sphere and a smaller sphere
  • 1b Hearing people. Power issues in Michel Foucault’s framework, and a society to share
  • 2a My origins
  • 2b Good reasons for the right to sign languages
  • 3a A beautiful childhood
  • 3b Deaf education results in ten European countries: Equitability, accessibility, and accountability of educational systems
  • 4a An inadequate education at school, an effective education at home
  • 4b Building written production in Deaf students. The “Free text writing” workshop in an excellent Italian bilingual school
  • 5a Great history from my perspective: Student protests following 1968
  • 5b Speaking for oneself: Language and power in the Italian deaf community
  • 6a First jobs
  • 6b Deaf people from school to labor in ten European countries
  • 7a Deaf awareness
  • 7b Deaf President then. Political pluralism in the unification of Deaf associations in liberated Italy
  • 8a Theatrical activity. Joseph Castronovo’s story
  • 8b A genial man in the wrong institutional environment. Deaf empowerment in Italian and French theatre experiences
  • 9a A citizen of the world
  • 9b Theories about deafness: Disability, culture, identity
  • 10a Engaging for my community
  • 10b Hypothesis on policy evaluation and school legislation: The effects of access to education, mainstreaming and instructional bilingualism
  • 11a Research work
  • 11b How society at large can become inclusive, sector after sector: Ethical choices in research as confronted to deafness and Deaf persons in Italy
  • 12a Edgardo Carli, Deaf partisan. A conference of Anna’s
  • 12b Academic matters. The Deaf perspective: Difficulties and proposed solutions
  • 13a Being a Deaf woman
  • 13b Deaf women, deaf men, hearing women, hearing men
  • Anna’s acknowledgments
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography
  • Index

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