Title: Plant protection: from chemicals to biologicals
Other creators: Soni Ravindra; Chandra Suyal Deep; Goel Reeta
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Subjects: Microbial pesticides.; Plants, Protection of.; Phytopathogenic microorganisms — Biological control.; EBSCO eBooks
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Table of Contents

  • Cover
  • Title
  • Copyright
  • Contents
  • Chapter 1 Agrochemical industry: a multibillion industry
  • Chapter 2 Plant protection through agrochemicals and its consequences
  • Chapter 3 Agrochemicals and their effects on soil microbial population
  • Chapter 4 Effect of abiotic stresses on plant systems and their mitigation
  • Chapter 5 Plant pathogenesis and disease control
  • Chapter 6 Plant defense systems: mechanism of self-protection by plants against pathogens
  • Chapter 7 Role of Beneficial Microbes for Plant growth Improvement
  • Chapter 8 Microbial bioproducts for plant growth and protection: trends and prospective
  • Chapter 9 Nanopesticides: challenges and opportunities
  • Chapter 10 Assessment of the role of rhizosphere in soil and its relationship with microorganisms and element absorption
  • Chapter 11 Biosurfactant: an environmentally benign biological agent for sustainable agroecological agriculture
  • Chapter 12
  • lipopeptide-based antifungal agents for plant disease control
  • Chapter 13 Use of alkaloids in plant protection
  • Chapter 14 Biotechnological approaches for plant stress management
  • Chapter 15 Role of proteins and enzymes in plant disease control
  • Chapter 16 The role of PGPRs in phosphate solubilization and nitrogen fixation in order to promote plant growth parameters under
  • Chapter 17 Impact of endophytic fungi in biotic stress management
  • Chapter 18 Ecosystem services and ecological role of birds in insect and pest control
  • Chapter 19 Role of entomopathogenic fungi in biocontrol of insect pests
  • Chapter 20 Indigenous practices for pest control and marketability of the produce for development of sustainable agriculture
  • Chapter 21 Role of plant microbiome in crop protection

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