Title: Global suburbanisms. Beyond the megacity: new dimensions of peripheral urbanization in Latin America
Other creators: Reis Nadine; Lukas Michael ((Geographer),)
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"Beyond the Megacity connects and reconnects the global debate on the contemporary urban condition to the Latin American tradition of seeing, considering, and theorizing urbanization from the margins. It develops the approach of "peripheral urbanization" as a way to integrate the theoretical agendas belonging to global suburbanisms, neo-marxist accounts of planetary urbanization, and postcolonial urban studies, and to move urban theory closer to the complexity and diversity of urbanization in the Global South. From an interdisciplinary perspective, Beyond the Megacity investigates the natures, causes, implications, and politics of current urbanization processes in Latin America. The book draws on case studies from various countries across the region covering different theoretical and disciplinary approaches from the fields of geography, anthropology, sociology, urban studies, agrarian studies, and urban and regional planning, and is written by academics, journalists, practitioners, and scholar-activists. Beyond the Megacity unites these unique perspectives by shifting attention to the places, processes, practices, and bodies of knowledge that have often been neglected in the past."--.

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Table of Contents

  • Cover
  • Half title page
  • Series page
  • Title page
  • Copyright page
  • Contents
  • List of Figures and Tables
  • Introduction: Old and New Dimensions of Peripheral Urbanization in Latin America
  • Part 1: Framing Peripheral Urbanization in Latin America
    • 1 Peripheral Urbanization: Autoconstruction, Transversal Logics, and Politics in Cities of the Global South
    • 2 Urban Community and Resistance
    • 3 Planetary Urbanization and the Commodity Super-Cycle in Latin America
  • Part 2: Metropolitan Peripheries under Financialization and Urban Extractivism
    • 4 Large-Scale Housing in Peripheral Urbanization: Persistence and Change in the Production of Urban Space in the Mexico City Megaregion
    • 5 Peri-urban Megaprojects in Santiago de Chile: The Urbanization by Holdings and the Paradoxical Happiness of Middle-Class Dwellers
    • 6 Financialization and Social Reproduction in the Buenos Aires Urban Periphery
  • Part 3: Community, Commoning, and Political Agency on the Urban Margins
    • 7 The Self-Built City as Palimpsest: (Re)Constructing Urban Memory in Lima’s Hybrid Peripheries
    • 8 Occupy the Periphery: Housing Occupations and the Production of Urban Commons in Belo Horizonte
    • 9 Hybrid Livelihoods: Resistant Adaption in Peri-urban Bolivia
    • 10 Blurring the Urban-Rural Divide: Urban Peripheries as Sites of Food Sovereignty Construction in Caracas
  • Part 4: Extended Urbanization between New Rurality and Operational Landscapes
    • 11 Planetary Urbanization, Agro-Exports, and Informality: Making Sense of the Expanding Peripheries and Emerging Cities in Coastal Ecuador
    • 12 Worlding the Atacama Desert: Peripheral Urbanization and Transnational Resource Extraction Urbanism in Antofagasta, Chile
    • 13 Planetary Urbanization and Maquiladoras: Unveiling Abstract Space in Yucatán, Mexico
    • 14 Rural Livelihoods, Urbanization, and Incomplete Population Transitions in Brazil
    • 15 The Urbanization of Mexico’s Countryside: A Socio-political Approach to Spatial Transformation
  • Conclusion: Peripheral Urbanization: Current Trends, Methodological Advances, and the Decolonization of Urban Theory
  • Contributors
  • Index
  • Series List

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