Title: Energy-efficient spectrum management for cognitive radio sensor networks
Creators: Ren Ju; Zhang Ning; Shen Xuemin
Imprint: Cham, Switzerland: Springer, 2018
Collection: Электронные книги зарубежных издательств; Общая коллекция
Subjects: Беспроводная связь; Сенсоры; Радиосигналы — Спектры; Телекоммуникации
UDC: 621.395:621.371; 681.586:621.371
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Language: English
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This monograph addresses the spectrum-scarcity problem by providing a comprehensive overview of spectrum resource management in Cognitive Radio Sensor Networks (CRSNs). It shows a variety of CRSN applications covering Machine-to-Machine communications, cyber physical systems and Internet-of-Things. The authors explore the benefits of an integrated energy efficient spectrum management solution for CRSNs including spectrum sensing, decision and allocation. Both theoretical and experimental aspects of CRSNs are covered in detail. Academics, researchers and developers will find this monograph an exceptional resource with valuable knowledge and insights. It also has extensive references from top journals, conference proceedings, books and standards.

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