Title: Mathematical modelling in solid mechanics
Other creators: Dell'Isola Francesco; Sofonea Mircea; Steigmann David J.
Imprint: Singapore: Springer, 2017
Collection: Электронные книги зарубежных издательств; Общая коллекция
Subjects: Машиностроение; Математическое моделирование; mechanical engineering; mathematical modeling
UDC: 621:519.876.5
Language: English
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This book presents new research results in multidisciplinary fields of mathematical and numerical modelling in mechanics. The chapters treat the topics: mathematical modelling in solid, fluid and contact mechanicsnonconvex variational analysis with emphasis to nonlinear solid and structural mechanicsnumerical modelling of problems with non-smooth constitutive laws, approximation of variational and hemivariational inequalities, numerical analysis of discrete schemes, numerical methods and the corresponding algorithms, applications to mechanical engineeringnumerical aspects of non-smooth mechanics, with emphasis on developing accurate and reliable computational toolsmechanics of fibre-reinforced materialsbehaviour of elasto-plastic materials accounting for the microstructural defectsdefinition of structural defects based on the differential geometry concepts or on the atomistic basisinteraction between phase transformation and dislocations at nano-scaleenergetic argumentsbifurcation and post-buckling analysis of elasto-plastic structuresengineering optimization and design, global optimization and related algorithms The book presents selected papers presented at ETAMM 2016. It includes new and original results written by internationally recognized specialists.

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