Title: Advances in laser materials processing: technology, research and application
Other creators: Lawrence J. R.; Pou J.; Low D. K. Y.; Toyserkani E.
Imprint: Oxford [etc.] Boca Raton [etc.]: Woodhead Publishing: CRC Press, 2013
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Subjects: Генераторы квантовые; Лазерная обработка
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Because of its capacity for continuous development and flexibility of use, the laser has become a mainstream manufacturing tool in many industrial sectors. This timely book relays the state-of-the-art in laser materials processing technology and applications and likely advances to be made from current research taking place around the world. The book also promotes appreciation for laser applications in a variety of industrial sectors.After two introductory chapters, the book reviews the main areas of laser processing. Starting with laser cutting and machining, the book discusses laser welding, annealing and hardening. It then considers surface treatment, coating and materials deposition as well as other engineering techniques such as peening and net-shape engineering, before discussing laser micro and nano-fabrication techniques. The book concludes by looking at modelling and process control.With its distinguished editorial team and contributions from renowned researchers working in every corner of the globe, Advances in laser materials processing provides a comprehensive yet detailed coverage of the many topics that comprise the field of laser materials processing. It provides a reference source for the scientists and engineers in such areas as metals processing and microelectronics, as well those conducting laser materials processing research in either academia or industry. A comprehensive practitioner guide and reference work explaining state-of-the-art laser processing technologies in manufacturing and other disciplines. Explores the challenges, potential and future directions through the continuous development of new, application-specific lasers in materials processing. Discusses coatings and material deposition with lasers with including the production of coatings by laser-assisted processes, laser direct metal deposition and laser induced forward transfer (LIFT).

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