Title: Purification of the air from the industrial emissions with the help of cyclone dust collectors
Creators: Strelets K.I.
Imprint: СПб., 2005
Collection: Общая коллекция
Subjects: Воздух промышленных предприятий — Очистка; Пылеуловители циклонные; purification of the air; air-purification; cyclone
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Методы расчета эффективности пылеулавливателя; теоретические и экспериментальные исследования. Разработка математических моделей гидромеханических процессов в циклонном пылеуловителе. Разработка методов расчета эффективности пылеулавливания и экспериментальный контроль методов.

Prompt development of several branches of industry turns cities into the large industrial centers, which is not good for the ecological situation in the cities. That makes the defense of the air environment from the air pollution with the industrial emissions very important human task. This problem become more and more actual with the increasing of the territory concentration of the plants near the large cities, where the contain of the contaminants like gases and dust-like materials exceed the norm. The solution of this problem is gas-purification. And the city development is impossible without the development of this important trend of ecotechnical science. Air purification from the dust particles can be realized by the several kinds of dust collectors and filters. Dust collectors are used for the extraction of the technological dust and purification of the air, disposable from the ventilation systems. Choosing in each case effective enough and economic dust collector may solve the problem of dust pollution. While it's important to consider not only reasonable technology and feasibility, but also the properties of the dust particles and the effect of its dispersion at the atmosphere. The purpose of these researches is increasing the quality of air purification and providing of the effective work of dust collectors.

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Table of Contents

  • 2.2 Effectiveness of the cross-current cyclones with the tan
    • Conclusions
  • References

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